About Me

Just another wanderer in the journey of Life

It is always difficult to introduce. Right from our childhood when people ask us to speak something about ourselves, we get confused. So let me begin with something basic.

My name's Ankit, a Decent Male (not like some faggots now-a-days, who don't even respect the opposite sex), was born on 21 July 1995, a Proud Indian and a True Mumbaikar ♥ (at least I'm trying to be). Also to add, I'm multilingual; can manage to speak in a few languages including Hinglish (which is a composition of both English & Hindi).

Okay so, I'm a guy with friendly nature. I love to make friends with everyone, be it a person of my age, a small child or a grown up adult. I prefer a humorous kind of attitude, though some people like it and some don't. I do not care about the latter ones, until and unless the others are Happy with it. A silent promoter of Peace, violence has actually messed up worldly relations. Most of the time I complicate all simple things, still a person who believes in living life with content. A firm believer of God, but not superstitions. God is not GOD for me, He is actually my friend.

I like Music, especially a few Indian genres. What I see is what I believe, so Photography is one of the prime interests of mine. Just a too curious about Web Development and geek stuff. Reading hasn't been a likeable hobby of mine; but to be a good blogger I gotta be a good reader too. So will improvise myself!

I would rather not mention my Dislikes. I believe that there is something good in everything. We should avoid paying attention to the bad part of it.

It seems like I'm lost somewhere, wandering alone, sometimes happy, sometimes sad ..
so traveling A Thousand Miles, I am Just another wanderer in the journey of Life.
Hope you would love the travelogue of this confused wanderer.

PS - Namaste is an Indian form of greeting.. Hello ! :-P

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